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Can you afford not to advertise with us? Simply get in touch to find out more.

Premier Radio is at the heart of the local community and the people and businesses it serves.  The station is an integrated part of everyday life for the people in Wrexham and South Denbighshire meaning your business will also become part of their lives too.

We have a full team of friendly, dedicated staff that have worked in the industry for numerous years so you can have peace of mind that from sales to campaign writing and production, your product or service is in safe hands.


Radio is theatre of the mind and we can help take your business to the next level.  From a single promotional advert through to a campaign, you can use radio as a cost-effective advertising method.


Our Services


Creative Script Writing


Using one-to-one media and techniques to create and envisage.  Connecting with our listeners using theatre of the mind.


Creative Production


Using cutting edge production facilities and techniques to turn your creative message idea into reality. With professional voices and music to match.


On Air Presence


We will customise your advert schedule to fit with your target audience and ensure its placement will not come into conflict with a competitor or a similar business.

We offer three options for advertising on Premier Radio.  We like to keep things simple so you know exactly what you are getting and so we can provide the best service possible for you and your business.  If you want to know more about any of the packages, then please contact us.


All three of the above packages are available to businesses of any size.  Advertising on Premier Radio can cost as little as £3 per day based on our Premier PLUS package.  Costs can be spread over the duration of the contract term after a small deposit has been paid.  This means that advertising on the radio can be a cost-effective opportunity for your business to reach the whole community.  You can find more information about each package in this brochure.


Radio advertising is a one-to-one medium and can be listened to anywhere at any time.  We connect with our listeners and are trusted by them. Why not use the power of radio for your business?

For information regarding advertisement options: