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Centre for Aging & Dementia Research

Updated: May 4

We welcomed Professor Charles Musselwhite, Co-Director of CADR, to explain the research being carried out by CADR and why it is so important.

He explains that in Wales we currently have a population of 3.1 million people of which 830,00 are aged over 60. As we get older we are all susceptible to a number of things which can have an impact on our lives. These can range from loneliness, health issues, dementia and isolation.

Dr Amy Murray also joins us to helps us understand the critical work her research is doing to better understand how older people cope once they loose the ability and freedom of driving a car.

Through research CADR have identified that people in more rural areas rather than towns or cities. This posses a number of issues as generally older people are less able to by as mobile and the healthcare or services they need might be much more difficult to get to.

Interestingly Wales is a major player in the research for ageing and through the links CADR has with universities across the world they are able to exchange data and help better improve live for the aged here in Wales as well as helping those elsewhere

If you would like to learn more on the work being carried out by CADR or help in the research then please visit www.cadr.cymru or call Owen Phillips on 01792 513734.

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