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Monthly Update Lesley Griffiths MS for Wrexham

Updated: Mar 28

In this months update Lesley Griffiths updates us on the most recent lifting of restrictions on Covid across Wales.

Lesley explains how the shortlisting of Wrexham for City of Culture is important for the Wrexham Borough and the advantages this will bring to the region.

Lesley also highlights the huge effort the communities in and around Wrexham are doing in the support of the people of Ukraine.

As MS for Wrexham Lesley attended the unveiling of the memorial woodlands on the Erddigg estate. As one of only three designate site across Wales Lesley explains how it is a place of quite reflection for those families that have lost a loved over the past two years due to Covid and is also a place for anyone to visit to reflect on how we all have dealt with the recent times we have lived through.

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