• Mark Jones

Monthly Update Sarah Atherton MP for Wrexham

Updated: May 4

In this months update Sarah Atherton describes how she feels privileged to represent Wrexham in Parliament and the opportunities when she is able to promote Wrexham to Government and any opportunity.

Sarah explains the Shared Prosperity grant of £22 million made to Wrexham Borough Council. Sarah will be meeting with council members to discuss how they intend to make use of the funds for the better of all in Wrexham.

Also in April Sarah visited the Domestic Abuse Safely Unit in Wrexham to better understand the fantastic support they offer women, men and children that who are or have experienced domestic abuse..

A recent development for Sarah is her "Day In The Life" short videos she now makes for her social media platforms. These are designed to enlighten people to the various aspects to the role as a Member of Parliament. These are most entertaining as well as being very informative.

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