• Mark Jones

North Wales Police Community Updates

North Wales Police offer some very important advice ranging from street safety to dementia.

The interviews have been by:

Chief Insp Jon Bowcott on how the Herbert Protocol is a vital tool for the police when it comes to searching for family or friends that might have wandered off due to dementia.

Insp Clare McGrady explains the Safer Streets campaign in operation in and around Wrexham. The campaign is a multi agency operation and sets out to improve the streets and help visitors feel safe.

PC Dave Smith updates on the football matches between Wrexham police station and local community groups and the benefits they have to help build bridges between them. He also announces a new community faith forum that he has help launch.

PC Dave Evans as the Dedicated Football Officer based at Wrexham Police Station describes the recent events that have taken place at some of Wrexham's games. He explains how he and his colleagues are focused on keeping all supports safe from harm when they attend any football match.

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