• Mark Jones

Today's Armed Forces

In a recent interview with Premier Radio Sarah Atherton MP for Wrexham gives a detailed account of the UK Armed Forces of today, historical issues and how they are being addressed and the Veterans.

Sarah Atherton gives an overview as to the roles of today's modern Armed Forces and how they are constantly being deployed in many different aspects across the globe. She mentions the training offered to service personnel and the qualifications they gain which can be transferred to civilian roles once they leave the forces.

Through her role on the UK Governments Defence Select Committee Sarah Atherton and a military veteran herself has written a report which was released recently that highlights the historical failings of the MoD over the years. The MoD has taken the 34 articles or recommendation onboard and have so far actioned 30 of these which now ensures the Armed Forces are aligning policies with todays society. Some of these recommendations cover uniform not being tailored for females which left them ineffective in dangerous operations to how reports of abuse are reported and handled.

Finally, Sarah Atherton covers the issues Veterans have faced previously when leaving the services and how many more organisations and services are offered to them so they might transition into civilian life without too much stress. Things such as children of service personnel gaining a place in a local school, assistance with housing to health care for many unseen traumas they may have, some of these illnesses need specialist support.

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